Core competencies

In this challenging industry, ambition and many years of working with multi-nationals
and multiple cultures is a prerequisite.

Triple-A-Solutions has what it takes and is therefore the company to call the moment a wider scope as well as detailed knowledge of every process step is required.

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Customer Feedback

It is a company objective to publish written feedback on a project level, from customers who have partnered with the company Triple-A-Solutions.

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Company profile

Triple-A-Solutions is a young and ambitious company operating in the dynamic world of semiconductors.
Company focus is consultancy and project management in the area of Back-end operations.
Core competencies are Assembly knowledge, Advanced packaging and solving your Back-end related issues.
The company is founded on a solid base of industrial experience going back as far as 30 years working with and for multi-nationals.

Mission statement:

Our mission is to create value for our customers by being a knowledge bank in the field of Back-end operations that our customers can rely on, when and where needed.

Company strategy:

Maintain and extend a knowledge network which enables the company to have or find answers to complex Back-end issues.


Triple-A-Solutions started as an independent company in June 2010. The company is founded by
Jan van Kempen who has over 30 years of international experience in the semiconductor back-end industry.
Triple-A-Solutions offers more than consultancy, the company is committed to deliver solutions to
complex problems in the industry by means of its intrinsic knowledge or via its extensive network of consultants.