Core competencies

In this challenging industry, ambition and many years of working with multi-nationals
and multiple cultures is a prerequisite.

Triple-A-Solutions has what it takes and is therefore the company to call the moment a wider scope as well as detailed knowledge of every process step is required.

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Customer Feedback

It is a company objective to publish written feedback on a project level, from customers who have partnered with the company Triple-A-Solutions.

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Optical joystick (packing project).

Early 2010, Jan was assigned to my project team to support the development of a subassembly, required by another business line for building end customer products.


When Jan joined the project, the industrial flow from silicon to end customer product was available, and agreed upon by both parties on conceptual level. First thing Jan did was to question this concept. Using his broad knowledge and experience in mass assembly of semiconductors and related areas, Jan immediately identified opportunities to simplify the flow (less steps) and to reduce the costs of the total manufacturing process (‘avoid single unit processing; keep processing on batch level as long as possible’). Also critical transition points in the flow were evaluated and more robust solutions were proposed.


Although not really within his area of responsibility, Jan also contributed to optimizing the size of the chip. With his sense for common sense, he reviewed the floor plan of the chip and came with proposals on how to reduce the surface of the chip with at least 10 %. All his proposals could be implemented.


The project is still in its development phase and still some gaps need to be closed, especially in the area of industrializing the total manufacturing/assembly process flow. However, I am pretty sure that with the help of Jan, we will be successful.

Looking forward to continue our cooperation.


Lex Brounts

Industrial Project Manager

PL Mobile Audio - BU HPMS - NXP Semiconductors