Core competencies

In this challenging industry, ambition and many years of working with multi-nationals
and multiple cultures is a prerequisite.

Triple-A-Solutions has what it takes and is therefore the company to call the moment a wider scope as well as detailed knowledge of every process step is required.

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Customer Feedback

It is a company objective to publish written feedback on a project level, from customers who have partnered with the company Triple-A-Solutions.

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PL Car Access & Immobilizers


From second half-year 2008 until March 2009 I worked together with Jan van Kempen on regular intervals in connection with a packaging topic. Jan fully supported our Business line as a packaging expert. His competent knowledge in the back-end field strongly helped to drive analyses fast and come to a valuable output.

He took the lead in the investigations right from the start and acted as an interface towards the production (assembly factory) and our Business line. With his fundamental understanding of assembly, he helped to identify the key parameters fast in order to optimize the packaging process on time. In particular, his diversified view, i.e., looking on the topic from all different perspectives and translating it to well-structured working flow, was the key parameter to find an ideal solution for our package.     

Finally, with his support we found a satisfactory solution to guarantee high quality towards our customers.

Great thanks to Jan for his support!


Alexander Marik
Group Leader  Product Engineering & Lab
PL Car Access & Immobilizers
BU Automotive

NXP Semiconductors Austria GmbH Styria
Mikron-Weg 1, A-8101 Gratkorn